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Colour Your Cocktail, Get More Out Of Diversity

Intercultural Dialog and Lifelong Learning in South East Europe - Research meets Practice

When past is present - about how cultural heritage and learning can enhance each other

Culture and Arts - Lifelong Learning pathways and creative environments for intercultural growth and inclusion

Overcoming Borders - Getting along with Diversity

Lifelong learning

is crucial, not only for competitiveness, employability and economic prosperity, but also for social inclusion, active citizenship and the personal fulfilment of people living and working in the knowledge-based economy.
Via ICD-Conferences weReurope will undertake to:

Participants from partner organisations as well as invited experts will provide abstracts on LLL, addressing the following issues.

Marginalised Groups

One of the major issues in the debate about the EU's future development is the key to motivate learning, especially among marginalised groups of society. Project partners of weReurope and experts will discuss and jointly develop a European pedagogical strategy to motivate learning by means of culture and art, by inspiring a sense of ownership through active involvement of learners, and will undertake to devise a strategy for recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning as well as strategies for the integration of marginalised groups into Lifelong Learning processes.

Virtual Carpet of Symbols and Memories

Throughout the duration of the project an inspiring "carpet of symbols and memories" (real and virtual) will be created to emblematise diversity in unity. All participants of the 5 ICD-Conferences will be asked to bring along an object, related to one of the neighbouring countries, together with a story in their native language and its translation into English.
However, the virtual carpet is not limited to conference participants alone- we welcome all website visitors to share their personal picture and story. So do feel invited to check out the existing carpet and to upload your own contribution.

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